Making Sense of your world

Make first-party search data actionable to unlock the true value of your audiences and inventory.

Sense is a privacy-centric platform built to make real-time decisions based on the live pulse of search across the open web, powering advanced audience analytics and monetization to improve performance, grow revenue and drive increased yield.

“Captify goes beyond Google Trends, Launches Unique Publisher Suite in Intent-Powered Platform, Sense.”

- Laurie Sullivan, Journalist and Editor, MediaPost

Harness consumer intent to increase yield and sell-through

Intent-powered audience validation, enrichment and creation for more effective audience monetization.

Dynamic data fuels fresh audiences, real-time intelligence and fast decisions

First-party real-time consumer intent trends benchmarked against the wider landscape to uncover new revenue streams and power commercial, editorial and marketing strategies.

Activate Intent with Consent

Preparing and future-proofing open web publishers for a cookieless world through addressable ID partnerships and Google Sandbox solutions.

Search Intelligence in action

Captify’s data, insights and fresh audiences play a crucial role for brands, powering end-to-end strategy and full-funnel execution for every outcome.

What’s Captifying the world right now?

Get ahead with the hindsight, insight and foresight needed to uncover trends before they are trending.